Question by bunny: Wellness dog food VS. Solid Gold?
I’ve had my 2 year old dog on Solid Gold for a couple of months now, but lately he’s less and less enthusiastic about eating. He’s not sick, i’m pretty sure he’s just tired of eating the same old thing every day. So for my next dog food, i’m thinking of mixing it up. I saw Wellness at Petco and it was under the “Natural Dog Food” isle, so I was thinking of maybe trying it out. But I don’t know too much about it, so I thought i’d ask you guys. Or if you’d recommend another quality dog food, i’m all ears!

I am positive he’s not sick. He’s very energetic and playful and very attentive. So .. please no comments on the health of my lil guy 🙂

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Answer by kouneli
If he likes Wellness, it’s a great food for him then 🙂 Wellness isn’t full of fillers or by-products or any other crap that foods such as Science Diet and below have.

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