Aamir apologises for SRK-dog blog Actor Aamir Khan on Tuesday offered “sincere apology” for posting on his blog that he had named his pet dog after actor Shah Rukh Khan. The actor decided to apologise to all SRK fans for his blog entry on www.amirkhan.com that created a huge controversy. “Shah Rukh is a dear friend of mine and I have highest respect and regard for him. That blog was in good humour and a lot of people found it funny. However, some did not. Many felt I shouldn’t have said that. So my sincere apologies to people who were uncomfortable with that part,” Aamir wrote. Aamir referred to Shah Rukh as not the Badshah but “the dog that belongs to the caretakers of my Panchgani home”. Shah Rukh took the remark “sportingly”. “I have to take it sportingly because I have that kind of sense of humour. So if somebody is doing it with me, I have to accept it,” he said.
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