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HiDef – BGT – Kate & Gin Canine freestyle 16:9 widescreen

Want to watch this in HiDef/stereo/widescreen? Ideal for full screen viewing. Click the following link and enjoy (you need a fast machine and connection): BGT Kate and Border Collie Gin perform and impressive Canine Freestyle routine to a James Bond theme. If you want to do this yourself, you will need a Border Collie! First broadcast on Saturday 12 April 2008 on ITV1 in the UK. For more info and clips, check out their website: or http The whole episode can be seen again at the following times: (sorry UK only) BGT 18/4 19:45 ITV2 BGT 18/4 20:45 ITV2+1 …and the companion program, Britain’s got More Talent, can be seen again at the following times: BGmoreT 13/04 20:00 ITV2 BGmoreT 13/04 21:00 ITV2 +1 BGmoreT 19/04 16:05 ITV2 BGmoreT 19/04 17:05 ITV2 +1 NEXT EPISODE: (sorry UK only) BGT 19/04 20:05 ITV1 BGT 20/04 11:35 ITV1 BGT 20/04 00:05 ITV2 BGT 20/04 01:05 ITV2+1 BGT 20/04 20:00 ITV2 BGT 20/04 21:00 ITV2+1 BGmoreT 19/04 22:05 ITV2 BGmoreT 19/04 23:05 ITV2+1 SO NO EXCUSES FOR MISSING IT!
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This video was taken out the front window of my house. This unusual canine wandered around my suburban neighborhood for several days in July of 2004, but I haven’t seen it since. At first, I thought it was a coyote with a bad case of mange. But if the animal had mange so bad that it lost virtually all its hair, I’d think it would have infections from where it had been scratching. And why would it still have hair on its tail, the easiest place for it to bite and scratch? Other than being hungry and emaciated, this animal seemed healthy. So not knowing what it was, my wife and I referred to this animal as “Chupie”. That’s our affectionate name for the animal, since it looked like the Elmendorf Texas sighting of “El Chupacabra”. After some research and a suggestion from a YouTube viewer, I’ve come to a different belief about this animal. I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I now think this animal was a Sampson fox. Sampson foxes have a rare genetic condition that prevents the development of guard hairs. This might explain why there is still some hair left on the tail. My thanks goes to the various viewers around the world who have provided ideas on what this might be. If new viewers have other ideas on what it might be, feel free to post your comments.
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Why do people think they can “create new breeds” by giving it a dumb name?

Question by mle: Why do people think they can “create new breeds” by giving it a dumb name?
Great Chihuahua

WHAT IS GOING ON???? Why does EVERYBODY think they can just mix dog breed names together and pass them off as purebred? They give it some “cute” little name and people are like “ohh, yeah, purebred. no, a HYBRID.” They are just mutts. Dont give them any cute names, and DONT BREED THEM!!! they are just mixes, and they will NOT be AKC registered, no matter how many times people wish they could be.
Who are the people dumb enough to buy them, and claim they have a purebred dog? This seems to be a new fad, and its REALLY BUGGING ME.

this is more of a vent-your-opinion question. I just got my top contributor tag taken away because i havent been on here for like a month, and just wanted to see why people are STILL so dumb.
I would also like to add the people who believe that just because it “came with papers” it is AKC Registered.
Saw somebody posting asking why their AKC registered pittbull is 15lbs at 15 weeks. well, that may have some validity to it, but if they were dumb enough to buy an AKC registered pitt, why put it past them to buy a chihuahua that “has papers” saying it was a pitt?

since when were pitts AKC registered? I have seen SOOOO many people say that. THERE IS NOT SUCH BREED. quite irritating. people always think that these breeds are AKC registered, but dont even bother looking to see if AKC accepts the breed.
to the last two people who answered (doglover and show breeders sell sick puppies)

there is a difference. Purebred dogs were bred for a PURPOSE. whether it was hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, scent dogs, they were bred to do something.
these “new breeds” are just because people are dumb enough to buy them because they have a cool name. I do believe they deserve a nice home and family, but i do not think they should be respected as “pure breeds” or anything, because ONLY backyard breeders and puppymills are cranking these out. Most BYBs are breeding them on accident, or know that people are like “OMG CUTE NAMES!! LETS GET ONE!” and they are passing on genetic defects that good breeders know NOT to pass on.

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Answer by mrwafffle
hehehehehehe cockapoo

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Does anyone know where i can get a dog tag that says ” i support diabetes ” ( like miley cyrus’s)

Question by kikidancer23: Does anyone know where i can get a dog tag that says ” i support diabetes ” ( like miley cyrus’s)

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Answer by Kasey K
Go to a dog tag machine maker and print one out. Pet shops have them and so does Wal-Mart.

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Dog Strollers Maintenance Tips

Dog Strollers Maintenance Tips

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 You probably consider dog strollers, like most people do, as luxury items. However, you can’t still disregard the fact that a pet stroller can bring a lot of benefits and advantages to your beloved pooch. In many different situations, this carrier can make your dogs’ life easier whenever you visit a scenic place or roam around the mall.

Dog strollers ensure safety when traveling with your k9. When he is in placed in a pet stroller, you no longer have to worry about the ordeal of controlling him on a leash, minimizing the possibility of your dog getting lost or running away from you.

To ensure the functionality of your pet strollers, here a few simple maintenance tips that you can follow.

When you put your dog inside his stroller, make sure that you trim his nails or claws. Clipping his nails will lessen the chance of getting him stuck or entangled into the fabric or net. Dog strollers also get too dirty through time, so it is a must to clean and wash it on a regular basis to remove the stains or dirt on it.

In choosing and using a stroller, ensure that your dog’s weight matches the size or model of the carrier. Check the stroller’s weight capacity to ensure that it can fully support your dog. Bear in mind that puppies will eventually grow bigger and older. If your dog no longer fits inside the stroller, you must buy a brandnew one that has the right capacity to carry your k9.

When you’re strolling your dog, always check the road condition you’re traversing. Even if the wheels are designed for rough pavements, you must still refrain from going through rocky terrains, especially if your dog is just recovering from an injury or has arthritic joints or hip problems. Remember that even the smallest bumps can bring him a great deal of discomfort.

When not in used, make sure to keep your dog stroller in a safe place to prevent unwanted damages and possible accidents from happening. By following the abovementioned tips, you will be able to maintain your dog strollers in great shape for a long time.




The author is a pet lover and web copywriter connected to a company that provides high quality pet supplies, dog supply and strollers at affordable prices.

Come along as I show you the ins and outs of the Pet Gear AT3 all terrain dog stroller which is perfect for one or two dogs and ideal for older dogs that need some help to get around. This sturdy and versatile dog stroller allows you to ride smoothly on multiple types of terrains with its front wheel that locks in place for those rugged areas. For riding in the city I recommend letting the front wheel stay in swivel mode so you can easily take those corners. Your senior dog will love this ride which gives them amazing visibility and space as they once again come on long walks with you. I love the freedom that a dog stroller gives you and as an owner of a senior dog I can tell you first hand that a dog stroller can give your dog his or her second wind in life. Let the adventure begin with this high quality and reliable product from Pet Gear found at:
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Has anyone ever fed “Flea Treats” to their dogs. They’re a natural product that repels fleas with no chemicals

Question by Miss J: Has anyone ever fed “Flea Treats” to their dogs. They’re a natural product that repels fleas with no chemicals
I learned about flea treats on Yahoo Answers, and ordered them right away. They keep the fleas off the dog, so they don’t get bit in the first place while waiting for the Frontline to kill. They seem to be working great. Have been using them for only two weeks. However, my dog no longer wants to eat, at all in the morning, but does eat his evening meal. He is 17 months, and always had an appetite in a.m. Another thing I’m noticing is he is alot more hyper, especially in the evening. They do have B vitamins listed, which could be the energy. Just curious, if anyone else has had good results, or any side effects or changes in behavior?
To answer your question, the same ones are also for cats. It says right on the bottle for dogs or cats, and a picture of both.

Kit_Kat, I’ve sent you a response.

Best answer:

Answer by Ista
I learned about them from a friend years ago. She feeds them to all her dogs, and I’ve been using them for awhile as well. I think they’re great. A nice natural alternative to all the chemicals we surround ourselves and our pets with. I haven’t noticed any side effects. But then my chi’s have always been pretty active.

the website is: I’m not sure if they have any for cats, but you can look.

Edit: Am glad you like them. I’ve been recommending them for ages, and consistently getting thumbs down for doing so. lol Can’t figure out how all these dog lovers here touting natural foods can be down on a natural flea preventative.

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Dog Food Allergies – Secrets and Cures

Dog Food Allergies – Secrets and Cures

Dogs just like men have allergies too. That is why dog food allergies are one of the most common types of allergies and as a pet owner, you need to be aware of it and find ways to cure it.

When your dog is allergies to a certain type of food, it is important and sometimes vital to his health that you discover exactly what this type is and avoid it in his diet.

Because some types of body allergic responses can even be fatal, while some will just cause irritation in your dog.

Dog allergies are very similar to human allergies. Just like when we are allergic to a specific fruit or food, what we do as the solution is that we avoid it.

The same goes with your dog too. There is usually no cure for allergic dogs, but to simply avoid the type of food they are allergic to.

But there is an important question you need to ask first…

“Does my dog really has allergies?”

Because sometimes it is not easy to tell the difference between your dog not liking a certain food, being sick, or being allergic to it.

Here are some common signs of allergies to help you find out:

Scratching – because of skin irritation



Hair loss


If you see one of more of the above signs quite often, never assume that this is just a new habit your dog picked up. Dog allergies can make your dog very uncomfortable.

Take your dog to the vet or keep a careful eye of him to find out if he is allergic to his food.

You can change his diet to test different food and see which one he reacts to.

If you think your dog most likely has allergies, you can try the best and easiest dog allergies treatments to help cure your dog’s problem.

About The Author:

Michelle Jones is an expert in dog allergies and is giving away FREE Dog Allergies Tips and Secrets to help your dog go allergy-free for life.

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