Question by Lila: I would like to start a small scale rescue “center” …focused on APBTs. (please read)?
I am an avid APBT lover. I own a 5 year old and he is great. I have owned, fostered, rescued and trained many dogs.
I would like to start a small scale rescue center. I would like to adopt 2-3 dogs at a time (meaning 2-3 in my home at any one time) and re-home them myself. I think that this way, the dogs will be able to socialize with other dogs, and children (we have a son) and run around while i am “fostering” them. I understand that i would have to know all of the info on the dogs such as temperament and story. I also understand that this will be a huge responsibility, but i believe i am up to the task.
I was a marine for 5 years and am now in College one night a week but it counts as full time….so im home all day for the most part. I live in a 2 story 3 br home with a large back yard that is fenced in by a 8-10 foot wood fence.
What do you think of this idea? What advice can you give me? do you think that the shelters and humane society would support my plan?
Im not sure what type of insurance would be required….we have 300,000 in Liability insurance

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Answer by Julie
Many of the spca centers are always looking for people who will foster dogs and then re home them. You might check in an see what the requirements are.

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