The Benefits of Adopting a Dog

There are many benefits to adopting a pet from a shelter. One of these benefits is that you can spend time with the dog before deciding to adopt it to get to know the dog’s personality. Take the dog out of its cage to observe how it interacts with people and other dogs. You don’t have to adopt the dog immediately, in fact you should take your time and visit other shelters to see what they have available. Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment and one you should be sure of before taking the leap. You should carefully consider whether you’ll be financially and physically capable of looking after the dog for the rest of its life.

If you don’t find the dog you want at the shelter, you can visit other shelters or ask to be put on a waiting list. Most shelters will call if they receive a dog that fits the description of a dog you are looking for.

Dog shelters and adoption homes often have both mixed bred and purebred dogs for you to choose from. Many dogs are abandoned due to economic reason, their owners simply couldn’t afford to care for them anymore and some dogs are abandoned because their previous owner discovered that caring for a dog is a commitment and didn’t have the time or patience to commit to the unfortunate animal. The majority of dogs in shelters are there due to no fault of their own and over fifty percent of shelter dogs are euthanized because not many people are not considering adopting rather than buying a dog.

Animal shelters have different rules and some shelters will interview you before allowing you to adopt a pet. Common questions are whether you’ve owned a pet before, what type of house you have, if you have a backyard or not and if you travel a lot. Some shelters even ask for references or ask you to wait for a required period before allowing you to adopt a dog.

If you choose an intact dog to adopt, it will have to be spayed or neutered before you can take it home. Your new companion will also need to have a complete veterinary examination and take all the necessary vaccinations before it is released.

Adoption fees vary from to 0 and you will also have to pay for any spaying or neutering, vaccinations and microchip if required. Adopting from a shelter is much cheaper than buying a dog from a breeder or pet shop. Stay away from people giving away puppies for free.

Check the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the US for listings of reputable shelters and adoption homes. Most shelters function on a limited stay basis and many are government funded. Humane societies are non-profit, private organizations that offer veterinary care and obedience training and many keep the pets in a home environment to ensure they are well mannered in a home environment. Some rescue groups specialize in specific breeds of dogs and cats and if you’re looking to adopt a particular breed of animal, you should consider checking these types of adoption homes.

Some shelters provide adoption counseling to make sure the animal isn’t abandoned again and they can even help with obedience training, veterinary care and behavior counseling.

There are some things you should do before bringing a dog home such as dog proofing your house, buying a collar and leash and a pet carrier to bring your new pet home in. By adopting a dog from a shelter you’ll be literally saving his life.

Amber Contant is a featured adviser and author discussing the issues that all pet owning families will experience. Amber works with Pet-Super-Store. Visit her site for a great selection of electric dog fences and dog training collars.

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