Proper Dog Diet: How to Feed Your Dog With Healthy Diet

Dogs are man’s best friends. For sure you really love your dog to the extent that you want to nourish it and make sure it is really healthy and taking proper dog diet. Initially, you might think that making your dog gain more weight can be an indication that the animal is healthy. But on the contrary, obesity in dogs is also not an indication of good health.

Different dogs have different dietary needs. The breed, the age and the overall body weight are the contributing factors that influence the dog’s dietary needs. Be reminded that in truth, there is no single proper dog diet that can be considered as ideal in general for every dog.

One proper dog diet program for one dog could be good and ideal for a dog, but definitely not for another. Thus, if you have two dogs, each has its own dietary need, which would be significantly different compared to the others.

Tips on choosing a proper dog diet

A proper dog diet is also a must among dogs. That is why you should always strive to feed your dog with healthy food. Take note that feeding a healthy diet to a dog is not just all about giving the animal nutritious food. There are so many things you should also consider.

Here are some suggested ways on how you could effectively feed your dog with a proper dog diet:

– Ask the veterinarian about a reputable and ideal dog food brand. Do not just jump into the bandwagon and choose a dog food that is widely patronized in the market. Your vet knows a lot about nutrition facts and proper dog diet.

– If the vet makes a shortlist of recommended dog food brands, make sure you select the one that is of high quality. Consider your dog’s size, weight, activity, age and level before choosing the proper dog diet.

– Balance the dog proper diet by including dry food on his daily meals. Moist canned dog food must also be included because such food would certainly help maintain cleanliness of the dog’s teeth.

-Take note of the protein ratio of the dog food you are feeding your pet. Protein is very essential to the dog’s body. Ideally, protein in dog food should consist of about 20% to 30% of each dog meal. That would make up for the recommended protein intake of the dog.

– Do not overfeed your dog. Doing so on a regular basis could make your pet obese. Just like in people, obesity in dogs could also lead to several medical conditions, like musculoskeletal problems and abnormal growth.

– Feed proper dog diet just about twice each day. There are some dog breeds that need to be fed just once everyday. Make the dog’s meal time regularized during specific and consistent times of the day. Make sure the feed is also in a very and exactly measured amount.

– Do not ever feed your dog with table scraps in or under the table and while you or other people are eating. This would make an impression in the dog that begging for food from people who are eating at the table is acceptable. If you must feed your dog with scraps, put the food in his dog bowl after people have finished eating at the table.

It would not be very hard feeding your dog with proper dog diet. But always make sure that there is genuine caring and love every time you feed your dog.

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