Question by cuno84: Is the book “good dog bad dog” still considered as having the best training methods?
I’ve grown up with three different german shepherds. My dad trained all of them pretty much exactly the way the book instructs. All three of them were perfectly trained, great with the whole family and little kids, and all around great dogs, everything you’d expect to get from a well trained german shepherd.

I’m have my own family now (25 yrs old) and have just purchased my first GSD puppy. I just read “good dog bad dog” and had my mind set on those training methods…then I noticed this book was first written in the 70’s and I’m seeing a lot of conflicting ideas about dog training on the internet.

Dog trainers: What is your opinion? Is “Good Dog, Bad Dog” still considered the best training method?

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Answer by kristendw78
I’m not a dog trainer, but I do know that most trainers have long since moved on to positive training methods. Basically you ignore the bad behavior, and reward the good. You might want to check out a positive puppy training group I’m in called SPT. It has a lot of great info in the files, tons of members, and is run by a great dog trainer. She can give you better books to read that are more up to date.

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