Barkoff Greatest Thing Since The Dog Whistle

If you have ever had the pleasure of listening to your or your neighbor’s dog bark up a storm, feverishly in the middle of the night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. While you’re two-year-old is taking a nap and thought to yourself that has got to be a way to make it stop. That is more humane than all the ideas that are going through my head right now. Well believe it or not, they have finally come up with an expensive painless answer. And it’s called the bark off.

The bark off is a small unit which emits on an ultrasonic frequency that is inaudible to human ears and painless to your dog or your neighbor’s dog for that matter. How it works is actually very simple. There’s really not much to do with this unit. It has one button and all you do is push it and believe it or not. The dogs stopped barking in my case. It’s a contest between my dog and my backyard, and both my neighbors dogs in their backyard. As soon as I saw the infomercial on TV, and learned that it was only . I knew the bark off had to be mine with an unconditional moneyback guarantee. I was at least going to give it a try.

so to make a long story short, there running some kind of buy one get one free special that I was unaware of. So is pleased to get two of these units in the mail. And it’s also very compact. So I can easily take it with me on our evening walk. So out in the backyard I go first chance I get get all the dogs with that been to a little frenzy and hit the button and sure enough. Not only did my dog stopped barking at the neighbors dogs stopped barking also. And I thought to myself while I have a dog silencer in my hand. And I can instantly make them all stopped barking on command, and I thought this is going to be a great training tool as well, because there are times when I want my dog to bark be a threat or an intruder in the middle of the night.

I have the control with the bark off. When I want peace and quiet. I hit the button and when I want my dog on high alert. I leave the bark off on my nightstand. I think this is a terrific value and a great tool for training that is painless and effective. Five stars for the bark off!

Visit the Official Bark Off Site.

Please visit the BarkOff site to further your understanding of what exactly this product can do!

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