Question by razz_n_lynn: My dog is allergic to chicken.Will chicken liver, an ingredient in an “allergy” food cause the same hair loss?
My dog is allergic to chicken. After starting to feed him chicken, he lost all the hair on his legs. I switched him to Innove Evo Red Meat, which he has done VERY well on, but had soft stools. So, I mixed it with Natural Balance Venison & Brown Rice, but am freaked out after the recall last week. He does better with a mix. I am considering adding in a new food. I like Merrick and the quaility of that food, but even their “Wilderness Blend”, their “allergy blend” has chicken liver in. I found that strange. I want to know whether this would cause the same effects or if it would be such a minute quantity that he’d be fine. Any info is appreciated.

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Answer by Goldengal
Chicken is chicken no matter what part it is. If he is doing fine on the Innove then dont fool around with another possible allergic reaction.

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