Question by reseda1420: Pet Pig is dying from what I believe is “Tainted Menu pet food”Who do I contact besides my local Vet.Monday,
Mourning? US/FDA ? A News Org? I have noticed illness progressing -for the past week I have Had to hand feed!I have given meds to relieve pain / stomach meds as suggested by vet.for 1 week .I seriously think this may be from recently recalled pet food.although I have always fed fresh vegtables and home cooked grains for Her -I did add “dog kibble” that has been shown on media.It really hurts me to see Any animal suffer! I am not affiliated w/P.E.T.A- Yes I guess I could just shoot her in the head as I was told by my local Idiot contacts here but Then What?I can,t even get someone to Haul her to a proper disposal site! I could not cremate due to burning ban ! I would rather see her up & healthy like she was a month ago..I am not interested in a law-suit ~I just Need some Real advice.I exspect to read many assnine comments in reply-But Hope Someone among you with experience ,knowledge will help(maybe there,s a pig owner that will read this)or just person who cares 4 animals -ANY-

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Answer by monkeyface
kill it

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