Insuring Your Dog’s Dental Health – Important Tips

The Easy Way To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean- ( Here is a step-by-step, super easy plan – only )

Dog dental health – what, you say, another thing we have to take care of with our dogs? Yes, it is, and it’s not just another priority designed to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Your dog’s dental health is the number one health issue he will face – and it is also sadly true that it is the most under-treated health issue in dogs.

Why is this so important? Well, dogs in the wild don’t have issues with dental health because they are constantly chewing the bones of their prey. That regular chewing cleans their teeth enough to keep them from having problems with tartar and plaque. Our dog’s don’t normally get this – soft foods, table scraps, etc. combine with bacteria and saliva to form plaque within 72 hours! Left along, the plaque turns to tartar, forming a rich bed for bacteria and even more plaque to form. This causes halitosis (bad breath), excessive drooling, red gums (gingivitis) – and ultimately infection and tooth loss and decay.

And the fact is that dog dentistry is expensive – cleaning costs can be several hundred dollars, due to the anesthetic used. So the cheapest and best route to good dog dental health is good regular hygiene. Regular brushing, preferably each day. Too much trouble, you say? What would your teeth look and smell like if you never brushed them? Doesn’t your dog deserve basic care?

Many think that just giving bones and rawhide treats is enough – but your dog needs 30 minutes of solid chewing per day to make this strategy effective. Most dog’s don’t get that – and brushing is the most effective alternative. But take heart – dogs actually love to have their teeth brushed once they have been accustomed to it. You have to get a plan and introduce brushing slowly and step-by-step. Once your dog gets used to it, he’ll love it, I promise!

Here is how to do it – (Click here for a easy to follow plan – only )

One thing to remember: don’t use human toothpaste! It can make your dog sick and foams up way too much, causing more distress during brushing. There are flavored dog toothpastes on the market that they will love – and look forward to. If you have a large dog, get one of the long-handled tooth brushes, otherwise any soft-bristled brush will do a good job.

After several weeks of slowly getting your dog accustomed to this procedure – it will be a great thing for your dog. Dental health will just become part of his daily routine, like eating and grooming. You will form a stronger bond with your dog, and he will be healthier and happier. He will also live longer – without the dangers of living with the symptoms of poor dental care – gingivitis, infection and tooth loss.

Ask yourself this: what excuse will you give when your dog develops dental disease? It’s time to step up and join the ranks of responsible dog owners who care for their dog’s dental health.

Dog dental health is important – Make it painless with my easy method to clean your dog’s teeth.

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