Toy Dogs – Oops! Toys Have Come Alive!

A toy dog has the huge advantage that it is small. This often makes it an ideal dog for urban living or for older people with limited mobility. A toy dog does not need long walks. It will not take over a small apartment. A toy dog fits into the modern lifestyle of many people today.

There are a huge variety of toy dogs. They all have different characteristics just as larger breeds of dog do. It is important to get to know the what each kind of toy dog is like before you make your choice. Toy dogs are not all alike.

It is thought that the breeding of toy dogs first began in Asia but varieties of toy dog can now be found from every part of the globe. They were bred for a variety of purposes. That still influences the characteristics of the breed and will affect which one is right for you.

Perhaps the most well known type of toy dog is the poodle. When any one mentions a toy dog this is the kind of dog that most people think of. Toy poodles were bred from larger dogs that were used for hunting. Even the smaller toy poodles retain some of the characteristics of the larger hunting dogs. They are bold, intelligent dogs that can be readily trained. But they can be highly strung and are not necessarily suitable for household with young children.

Somehat similar in appearance is the Bichon Frisee. They tend to look like an unclipped toy poodle. But their temperament is somewhat different. They are a boisterous small dog that interacts well with children. They are said to have been bred as lap dogs in pre-revolutionary France but after the revolution they had to get by on the streets and did not very successfully. They are a street-wise lap dog. They will chase every rabbit and squirrel they see.

The chihuahua comes originally from Mexico where it was bred as a source of meat. They have now become a favorite toy dog. Their fine, smooth coat means that they do not need a lot of grooming. They do not tolerate children well and can be snappish. But they are often loyal and devoted to their owners.

The maltese is a toy dog that was bred as a lap dog for the wealthy. It is still popular in that role and is a fashionable lap dog that models and fim stars like to carry in their oversize handbags. It is not good with children however and tends to bark at strangers.

The Pekingese was once one of the most sought after toy dogs because they were so rare. Only a few had been imported from China. They are now well known in the West. They can be difficult to train but mellow with the years. They are seldom tolerant of children or other animals. Their coat requires a lot of attention since their ears can easily become matted and infection may result. Their short noses can become a problem. They always snuffle but can sometimes become badly blocked. They make good guard dogs and can therefore be a good dog for an elderly and infirm person since they do not need a lot of exercise.

Pugs have recently become very popular having been seen accompanying various fashionable starlets. The look like tiny bull dogs with their hanging folds of skin. They can have similar nasal problems to those of Pekingese because of their small nasal passages. But they make excellent pets. They do not need a lot of exercise. They are usually placid and will happily play with children. They are seldom aggressive with other pets. They are intelligent dogs that repsond well to training.

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